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WWSC Mission Statement:

"As Parents, Committee Members and Coaches we strive to maintain a friendly supportive environment that supports our swimmers in their endeavours and by our actions, we mentor the development of their life skills"




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Click Here   Swimming Australia and ASCTA Hypoxic Training Guidelines

Click Here   Swimming Australia Member Welfare Policy

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Safe Sport Framework: 

The SSF  Safe Sport Framework is a comprehensive policy and procedures document that details our shared responsibilities for protecting children and members' welfare. It also replaces our previous child and member welfare policies and procedures

What is our Safe Sport Commitment?

                We strive to:

     # provide a safe environment to everyone involved in our sport;

     # take am inclusive approach in its activities; and

     # ensure the safety and wellbeing of Children or Young People in particular.

                ...we take seriously (our) positive obligation to educate and inform everyone involved in our

Sport of each person's responsibilities to:

     # protect and look after each other;

     # protect and look after Children or Young People, from Child Abuse and grooming;


     # create and maintain a child-safe culture and a culture of inclusion and safety that is

     # understood, endorsed and put into action by all.


What is abuse and how do i spot it at my club?

Abuse means physical, emotional or psychological abuse, sexual abuse and abuse of power that has caused, is causing or is likely to cause harm to a person's well-being or development. whether in person directly or as the result of a publication viewable by any other person by any means.

Examples of abuse you should keep an eye out for include:

     # bullying

     # humiliation

     # verbal abuse and insults

     # grooming

     # harassment (including sexual harassment)

     # discrimination

     # neglect

     # sexual exploitation.


Who can make a complaint about a child or member welfare issue?

Complaints may be made by:

     # members, parents, swimmers, coaches, officials and clubs;

     # non-members;

     # persons in positions of authority;

     # other organisations; or

     # any person in the general community who has concerns about a person or their behaviour or conduct in swimming.


Who do we raise a complaint with? 

Complaints should be directed to a Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) from the appropriate organisation (your club, your area, Swimming NSW or Swimming Australia), based on the nature of the incident you're reporting. 

All Clubs and Areas are obligated to have a nominated MPIO. 



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