Club Championships

  1. To be eligible to compete in club championship events, competitors must:

    1. Be financial members of WWSC

    2. Have competed in events on at least 3 club nights (swims at other club centres will be accepted provided documentary evidence of events and times, signed by an official of such other club, is submitted); and that the swimmer only enters times for only 1(one) club night in any 7(seven) days.

    3. ALL competitors who qualify for Club Championships will be automatically entered in the events for their age category. Swimmers wishing to compete in events not listed for their age group or open events must submit an entry by (1 week) prior to the start of the Championships.

      Late entries will not be accepted.

  2. Swimmers who have not competed at 3 Club Nights may still swim in the championships, however they will not earn Championship Points, In accordance with (1b).

  3. Points for determining age champions are determined as:

    • 1st place - 4 points
    • 2nd place - 3 points
    • 3rd place - 2 points
    • 4th place - 1 point

  4. Club championships in each age group will be determined on the aggregate points attained in championship events in the four basic strokes. In the event of a dead heat in any event, points will be totalled and divided.

  5. All championship events will be conducted in accordance with the rules of NSW Swimming Association Incorporated and these By Laws.

  6. Club championships will be held as open events.

  7. Age championships shall be determined in accordance with age as at the date of the first championship event in any season.

  8. Entries will be accepted for the 1500m freestyle, 800m freestyle and 400m IM, at Coach’s discretion.

  9. Representative Commitments: If a swimmer has swimming representative commitments (out of Wagga), which would prevent them from participating on a set championship night and they request rescheduling of their event, the following procedure will apply.

    Written application to be forwarded to the secretary outlining:

The Secretary should receive all requests for transfer within one week of representative selection. Permission and rescheduled time will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee.






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