About Us

"As Parents, Committee Members and Coaches we strive to maintain a friendly cooperative environment that supports our swimmers in their endeavours and by our actions, we mentor the development of their life skills"

The Wagga Wagga Swimming Club Inc is one of the oldest Swimming Clubs in New South Wales, established in 1897. The Club would train down at the old Wagga Beach and swim against the current. Buoys marked the lanes and there was certainly no tumble turns at each end. Swimmers caught their breath as they floated back to the start with the current.

FreestyleToday the club is still going strong and has put thousands of swimmers through its Squads in its 100+ years, many who attend/ed meets throughout the district/state attaining Country, State & National representative times.

The club is currently advertising for a new head coach to join our current team. Our current coaching structure includes: Assistant Coach - Brad Thurlow - Bronze Licence Coach working towards his Silver Licence. Other coaches include Laura Skinner - Bronze Licence, Chris Scott -SAT, Lana Duffy - SAT, Lauren Morris and Molly Devries -Junior Coaches.


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